Chef Miguel Bértolo

“In my profession I value a lot the quality and simplicity of foodstuff, with PW Orientals Gourmet I recognize the excellence of their products and services, where I want to highlight the ISO 9001 quality certification”.

Recommendation from Chef Miguel Bértolo (Executive Chef and partner of Chirashi sushi and Sushillout in Lisbon, Consultant and Former at ACPP, certificated with an international MBA in advanced cooking and Sushi Proficiency Certificate. Professional certificate in Washoku at the AJSA.


ACPP – Portuguese Association of Professional Cooks

PW Orientals Gourmet sponsors this Association of professional cooks, founded in 1977, especially via their course Sushiyourself, a recognized course which already formed many Sushimen and Sushiwomen both in Portugal and abroad.

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Interseafish B.V


An import and export company with a variety of frozen fish and shellfish, as well as products for oriental cuisine.

Bayernland eG


One of the main cooperatives of Dairy products in Bavaria – Germany. Bayernland offers their products in their own brands, as well as under Private Labels.

Grozette B.V.


One of the main factories specialized in all kinds of grated cheese in The Netherlands. Grozette has a wide range of grated cheeses, both fresh and dried, which can be supplied in Catering-, industrial and retail packaging. Their products are marketed under the famous Grozette brand, as well as under Private Labels.