PW Orientals Gourmet.

In this area you can find our full range of products, as well as other important information.
Hereunder are mentioned our main product families, as well as some examples of each family. Our full range can be found in our Online catalogue.

Fillets / loins

Peixe manteiga; Enguia; Cavala; Bacalhau negro

Toppings and Shrimps

Camarão Ebi; Camarão doce; Camarão Nobashi; Camarão panado; Enguia; Polvo.


Tobikko: Laranja/ Wasabi/ Citrus “Yuzu”/ Red/ Black; Ovas Capelim; Ovas Salmão; Ovas Ouriço do Mar


Caranguejo casca mole; Carne de Caranguejo; Tamago; Hotate; Gyozas.


Vários gelados e Mochis

Vinegars and spices

Hondashi; Mirin; Vinagre de arroz; Togarashi; Furikake.


Cervejas; Sakes; Chás


Vários tipos de Nori e Wakame

Pickled vegetables

Gari branco e rosa; Takuan; Kanpyo.


Yakisoba; Soba; Udon.

Soy sauce, soy products and diverse

Molho soja Yamasa e Ichibiki; Molhos Tonkatsu; Yakisoba; Kimchi; Teriyaki.

Rice and cereals

Arroz sushi Calrose (California) e Italiano grão curto.

Sesame (seeds and oil)

Sementes brancas e pretas e sementes com wasabi.

Non Food products

Vários tipos de pauzinhos, caixas Take-Away e Tarebin.


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